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Academic software pricing is only available here:

Australia (all states):
. New South Wales
. Victoria
. Queensland
. The ACT
. South Australia
. Western Australia
. Tasmania &
. Northern Territory

New Zealand:
. North Island &
. South Island

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Academic Pricing

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the increased price of offering Academic versions of the software, it is no longer economically viable to continue offering it. (The cost of the full version is lower than what we would have to charge for the Academic version.) As a result, this page is only here for informational purposes.

We're proud to announce that we now offer Academic Pricing of Movie Magic® Screenwriter™ and Dramatica® Pro.

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Incredible Academic Pricing

Academic Pricing of Movie Magic® Screenwriter™, and Dramatica® Pro is available to any student or staff at any Australian or New Zealand school, TAFE, or univeristy.

Each software item is IDENTICAL to the retail versions, and includes ALL the same extras!

  • Movie Magic® Screenwriter™ -- just $229
    (including the $50 UK English Dictionary unlock code)
  • Dramatica® Pro -- just $239

(Prices listed do not include shipping or GST.)

You'll need to provide a scan or photocopy of your student or staff ID to qualify for this fantastic price!

Our margins are tiny. Why? Because we want you to write!! Don't just get this software... USE this software!

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Do You Qualify?

Legally, we're only allowed to sell Academic Pricing software to current students and staff of any school, TAFE or university in Australia or New Zealand.

You'll need to provide:

  • current, valid photo student ID, or
  • current, valid photo staff ID

...from a formal Australian or New Zeland school, TAFE or University.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This offer is for personal single-use license only, and the software may not be used to set up a lab at the school or university. To set up a screenwriting lab requires a multi-user license, which we offer in 5- and 10-pack quantities for educational purposes -- a school or university Purchase Order is required (and we also offer a free copy of the software for teachers that coordinate the setup of a screenwriting lab on 20 or more machines). Please enquire at

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Special academic multi-seat licensing is available for schools, TAFEs and universities, at a substantial per-seat discount to the prices listed here.

For full and current pricing details, and complete details about how to set up a Movie Magic Screenwriter and/or Dramatica Pro lab at your school, contact us by email.



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